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Originally Posted by GwannaSauna View Post
Change of thought: KotOR V: Getting Somewhere... (32 BBY-0 BBY) would be great. It would be like this: KotOR-ish (improved ) with different times in the Prequel Trilogy! Prologue... (32 BBY), Invasion of Naboo + Epic duel w/ Darth Maul (32 BBY) Giant gap (32 BBY-22 BBY), Clone Wars beginning (22 BBY), Getting Somewhere... (19 BBY), Great Jedi Purge (19 BBY), Vader's Apprentice (??? BBY-2 BBY), Battle of Yavin (0 BBY) and you get to choose which one you want to choose! You can save the game at any part at any time and switch to a new one (for example: If you got bored of the Invasion of Naboo sequence, you could save there and (from the main menu) switch over to another part!) Good idea?

Sorry, I'll get back on topic...
That's not entirely accurate. TFU created an entirely new story with a new character, but just as easily done something completely different. The 300 year gap had already carved certain things in stone. I wanted to see Revan and the Exile end their stories in triumph, but now they never return. There is little room for a KOTOR III that doesn't involve changing the story, or it would would detract from all the KOTOR storylines.
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