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Originally Posted by jmac7142 View Post
xp doesnt display the extension in the properties window if hide extensions for known file types is checked. and if it didnt use the exe extension it probably wouldnt even display the embedded ico in explorer.
lolz... Youve never met W32.Alcra.A? anyone who has run p2p like limewire or kazza without protection meets this gem, or one of its relatives (also sneaks in with files that have done the rounds on p2p.) I met it many times in the ole days

@ Jesus >

OK. we've establised that they are not .com files... next !

1. Run the System File Checker to check and reinstate important system files it identifies as being corrupt. You will most likely need original xp disc if it cant find valid backups of the system files it wants to restore hence

To do this start>run and type in
sfc /scannow

This command will immediately start the Windows File Protection(WFP) service to scan all protected files, replacing any files with which it finds a problem.

read this page for further detail and instructions about SFC

2. Try an offline malware/antivirus program(ie. you downloan it elsewhere and bring it over to you offline pc)
A commonly used one is the Sysclean Utility fromn Trend Micro. Make sure you download the version for nijn TrendMicro customers. and read the text fiel listed belowit for instructions.

If that doesnt work

(backup anything hugely important on this pc if you want to do this)

3. Try an xp repair install. If you are not sure what that is here is a newbie user friendly How to I dug up for you

** I am curious though Jesus, what is that altered theme - what app is it running from (eg, windows blinds?) and more importantly, where did it come from? Its just that its remarkably likely for that to be the culprit as the file that allowed the bug to hitch a ride onto your offline pc....

Good luck


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