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Originally Posted by BattleDog View Post
We need to streamline the story somewhat. I would suggest that everyone write a summary od what their characters have done and we try to create a synopsis, rather than going back over the last two threads to try and work out all the nuances of what we were doing a year and a half ago.
I totally missed this post, but that's a great idea, BD.

Originally Posted by Writer View Post
Well, I don't have a clue what the hell any of my characters were doing, so... maybe a reboot would suit me better
Hey, we could always go with "a summary of what their characters have done that we care about." XD

Maybe even have a semi-reboot in the style of a time skip, in which anything we don't care about anymore gets resolved offscreen.

After all, the title of the thread is "Apocalypse", not "Apocalypse: Now".

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