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[Quote-PoiuyWired]Obviously any blaster and weaponary the rebels are using would be military grade and not the ones used by some simple thugs.[/quote]

Why? Wouldn't the Rebels be using Mafia-esque weaponry instead of military grade stuff? Just because of the simple fact of cost? Military Grade Weaponry is almost always going to cost more than your basic gun that you can pick up at Bill's Gun Store.

And, if Stormtrooper Armor is just supposed to be a basic enviro-suit and small arms protection, then why wouldn't the Empire include projectile protection? Slug throwers are still in use by the era of the Empire. (See Galaxies and Book 2 of the Thrawn Trilogy) After all, it costs money to train Stormtroopers, and I'd have to imagine that it costs more to train them than include projectile-protection.

Originally Posted by TKA-001
You forget that the stormtroopers are never actually shown to be killed by the ewoks. You also forget the scenes where it shows the ewoks tripping over each other retreating from the AT-STs.

Stormtrooper armor itself is designed to protect against shrapnel and the like, not laser fire. Laser-resistant armor would be too expensive or bulky to mass-produce.
I have to contentions to make.

First, dealing with the first statement: Sure, they're never shown being killed by Ewoks, but who wants to watch Stormtroopers being killed by blunt trauma? It's not pretty, and it would probably jack the rating of the movies up to the "R" range, instead of the "PG" it got in the States. Also, where do you supposed all those Stormtrooper helmets in the end of RotJ came from? Somehow I don't think that they simply surrendered, and there weren't enough Rebels to be dispatched out to any group of Ewoks that captured Stormtroopers. The raiding party can only consist of -I think- fifteen some people and some supplies -capacity of a Lambda-class shuttle. So, the implied message is that they were killed by Ewoks.

Second: Based on what knowledge? I don't have any knowledge about the manufacturing processes involved in Star Wars, nor what it would take to create blaster-resistant armor. But, I still have to think that it costs more to train a new soldier than it would to create good armor.


Basically it boils down to: The Empire's Evil And Thus Must Have Crappy Hardware Even Though "Only Imperial Stormtroopers Can Create These Accurate Of Blast Points".

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