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Move went well... even though it was down 1 flight of stairs... and then back up 3 at the other end.

We had enough people that it wasn't a huge struggle for anybody.

Stopped off at the New Balance outlet store on the way back from the move and grabbed a couple of pairs of walking shoes that were on sale,.. since i can't seem to find my favored Rockports anymore.

I am WIPED out tonight. Gotta get through another couple of minutes of ski movies, then the load out... and then blissful sleep for as long as I can muster.

Finish laundry tomorrow... then dinner.

She mentioned hanging out at her place after the kids are in bed and watching a movie.


Something to consider, I guess... Certainly cheaper (for her) than her getting a sitter so she could go out, anyway.

It's something we'll have to discuss over dinner, I suppose.

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