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Originally Posted by zayne View Post
Hi everybody i got a little trouble with my first mod, i post the problem in here, but nobody has ansewer it.

I'm creating various soldier npc and they're supposed to say just an entry but only one of them is working properly. The other five just show a blank line with no text in it. I don't know what i'm doing wrong cause i used the same procces to create the six dlg files so i can't explain what is happening. Why only one of my npc is displaying the dialogues and the others don't?

I'm using the same template for the six npc's but with different appearance for each one, of curse saving them with different utc names. The only doubt i have is if i have to change the field tag for each new npc, or can i use the same tag for all the six.
If I understand your problem correctly, then there should be a field in the DLGEditor that lets you put the Speaker's name (or rather, the tag/resref of his utc file). See if that works.
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