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Thanks for the comments!
To be honest, the reason why Vandar is worried is linked with Yan-Ze.

And about the shuttle: I completely forgot. Thought a man of such wealth and status would have bribed the launch codes like Davik Kang did.
Today, some more about the Death Pact is revealed. And we see a familiar face....

When he opened his eyes, Jormin expected to see his father and mother. What he didn’t expect to see was the concentrated face of famous Jedi Master Kavar, and the freedom of moving his hands and legs again.
“Come on, kid. I’ve cut the chains. Let’s get out of here.” The Jedi said.
He jumped through the hole in the ceiling of the crashing speeder once more.
“Hey son, stand below that gap, okay?” The master shouted.
Jormin did, and was levitated out of the compartment.
“Hang on, we aren’t safe yet! I’ll be back in a second.”
Jormin fell down and grabbed hold of several pipes, while the Jedi moved forward across the speeder, towards the cockpit.

Jormin was stunned. How could someone walk atop of a crashing ship so easily while he himself had to grab hold of stuff to prevent certain death? He knew Jedi were strong, but this was insane.
Kavar stood above the cockpit now. With a quick stab, he pushed his lightsaber downwards, ending the life of the Sith commander. He retracted the blade an shut it down. He then walked back to Jormin.
“No witnesses. I don’t want to be seen here, especially not with you seen the circumstances.”
He looked at Jormin.
“Time to get out of here.”
He grabbed Jormin by the waist (which hurt Jormin badly, with the blaster wound still there) and jumped off the crashing vehicle, right down into a narrow corridor.
He put Jormin back on his feet.
“Seems you have suffered some damage, son. Here, let me help you.”
Kavar pulled a Kolto injection from his belt and injected Jormin near the blaster wound.
“This will do until we reach Dantooine. They can patch you up there.” Kavar said.

“When I got here by a public transport, I found your droid rolling towards the docks. With a trail of dead Sith behind him.” Kavar pushed Jormin in the right direction. “So I asked him to meet us near a different spot then you had in mind. After all, you’re a wanted man right now.”
“Yeah, you had a small part in that too…” Jormin mumbled.

The two man made their way for a small balcony near a fortune teller. A few meters below hovered Jormin’s ship, the ‘Slow Hand.’
The upper hatch opened and the two man jumped inside. Waiting for them was KT-2B:
“Statement: Master, the Jedi said he had important information. I would have blasted him otherwise.”

“It’s all right Katee. Can you ready the medbay for me? I’ll need it in a minute.” Jormin replied.
Jormin and Kavar made their way for the cockpit of the small freighter. Jormin activated the launch codes and took a sharp turn to the right.
Kavar was fumbling with some codes on the galaxy map, plotting a course for Dantooine.
Minutes later, they entered hyperspace and where on their way for Dantooine. Kavar’s action had made sure no back-up was called (he had cut the satellite dish before entering the prison speeder) and it was easy to leave Nar Shaddaa.

Jormin switched to auto-pilot and connected Katee to the Navicomputer so that any sensor information or anything dangerous would be loudly shouted through the ship by the sarcastic assassin astromech droid. The droid wanted to keep Jormin’s spare blaster in exchange for his services though. A tired Jormin agreed and went to medbay with Kavar. Jormin knew the arrival of Kavar could only mean one thing. He felt his hands were shaking at the thought. He found it difficult to swallow and felt all sweaty.
He sat down on the main chair and started rubbing the kolto salve on the blaster wound. He allowed a small medical unit to put his nose straight again. He then rubbed some kolto on his nose too.

Kavar had readied some bandages and wrapped them tightly around the wound. While he was doing so, Jormin pulled himself together.
“It’s the pact, isn’t it?” He asked.
Kavar nodded.
It was as Jormin had feared. His 3 brothers had been taken into Jedi training on a very young age. Bursting with Force power, they raced through the ranks of the Jedi order. And Jormin (the youngest) and his sister (eldest of the family) weren’t accepted into the Jedi order. His sister was strong enough, sure. But the unexpected death of Jormin’s father and mother ‘made her a women of fear’ as the order described. And Jormin…Jormin had no connection to the Force at all.

The whole family was summoned on Coruscant, years ago, when the Mandalorian wars Raged. The three Jedi brothers explained the prophecy of ‘the Chosen one’ and how the council believed the chosen one could very well be a member of the Tython family name, since Jenos of Tython was the one to have the original vision. Furthermore, the Tython family was allowed to marry and have children. Several more Jedi were allowed to do this, like the Draay family years ago.
The council then explained their plan. They all felt there was a ‘darkness’ coming their way, and the revelation of Lucien Draay as murderer did support their theory. There was already darkness within the ranks of the Jedi order (which Malak and Revan would later prove even more).
The brothers had decided that the family line should be kept intact. If the oldest brother would die, the second one would be responsible for keeping the line intact. If the second brother would be killed, the youngest brother would be responsible. And if the first brother died…either Jormin or his sister Dania would be contacted. One of the Jedi Master who knew about the deal would bring the one responsible a document: The Deathpact.
Kavar must have felt Jormin’s thoughts, as he put a hand on the young man’s shoulder. The young man who sat there, with his hand in front of his face, crying.

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