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Originally Posted by Astor_Kaine View Post
With my boots on...
Woot! Up the Irons!

Originally Posted by Da_man View Post
Woot! Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal ftw!

Originally Posted by Da_man View Post
Suicide is not the answer.

Dying for something you believe in is.
Well, I believe in myself. I also believe that suicide is a perfectly valid decision, folks. Well, except if that whole religion and God thing turns out to be real. Then you're screwed big time.

If you're talking practical suicide ideas, I've always fancied dying by jumping off a skyscraper. That must feel beautiful. As would dying off by jumping off a plane or something high above.

In fantasy, I'd like to die performing in a mother****ing loud metal concert, just after finishing the most goddamn greatest blastbeat or solo in metal history.

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