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Originally Posted by Jedi Master Revan View Post
Force hunger is literally force lightning as shown when he drain Darth Sion in the beginning of K.O.T.O.R 2, except for the fact that it drains you, and Revan was said to be one of the most greatist 'force weilders' in his time e.g. Star Wars is saying Revan was the most powerful froce weilder of his era which means the K.O.T.O.R, don't you think that's saying something? Who says Revan can't use the force to hold the ship together? Remember that Visas managed to face Nhilius and still live even if he didn't concentrate on her as much as the Exile, as for the force drain a life saber could bloke it just like the force lightning i am pretty sure he would have the knowledge of how to block it, and as for the best force weilder in the galaxy during the K.O.T.O.R time Revan is the wisest :P.
Revan appears to be one of the most powerful force wielders in the Kotor era, true but there's no way to compare him with Jedi of other eras, furthermore I think George Lucas stated that Sidious is the most powerful Lord of the Sith in the entire Sw universe (and if you read the wiki entry to dark empire, that becomes quite apparent. but it's lame. =))

Apart from that, IF there is a force technique that allows one to block Nihilus' drain chances are Kreia would know about it (and Revan as well as he discovered the trayus academy even before her). But apparently there isn't. The Exile is the only one that can withstand the drain. And Visas, due to her bond (or whatever) to Nihilus. And Mandalore, because the plot protects him. :P (Alternatively, Nihilus didn't try to drain him. Though that seems unreasonable to me)
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