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Now in most holomovies the light sabers are in a locker room adjacent to the cells. Not so, however, in reality. Our dispatched friends’ blasters would have to suffice until we found our weapons. I remember thoroughly missing my light saber during the whole affair. Once we were out of the cells we came to a long corridor. The white walls were lined with blast doors. Any one of them could contain our light sabers—or horrible deaths. We walked on stealthily while attempting to pick up messages that the Force was sending us.

Andrew, out of the blue collapsed behind me.I rushed over to him when I heard the thunk.

He began to sob as I kneeled over him

"It's not fair... everything used to be so perfect ...but now everyones dead!
He then completly broke, down sobbing incoprehensible words.

"Don't worry we still have each other"

I realised it was a foolish statement. I hadn't exactly been the best of rolemodels after that attack on the temple. Sinking into alcaholism,starting random bar fights and openly enjoying combat,(a very un-Jedi trait) couldn't really help a distressed young man. All my training was slowly slipping away. After a minute or two Andrew pulled himself together and began sneaking down the corridor without a word.I began to follow.

Our savior came in the form of a computer terminal. A quick glance at it showed me that only a skilled computer slicer would be able to hack into it. Luckily yours truly fit the bill. It would have been perfect were it not for a small ‘technicality.’ I had foolishly rushed up to the terminal, and in my haste I had alerted a muscular green Twi’lek of our little escape attempt. We took cover around a corner just as a blaring siren sounded the alarm throughout the ship.

The Twi’lek threw a frag grenade at us. Andrew reacted quite quickly for someone his age as he Force pushed the grenade back at the pirate. It went off as it hit the ground at his feet. I gave Andrew a nod of approval as the sound of pursuit reached our ears.Then I noticed there was a bit of Twilek brain on my boot.

Leaving no time to recover, I dashed to the com terminal and plugged the Rodian’s cell card into it. There was a hum, and quickly I had access to all of the ships system. I pulled out some security spikes from a secret compartment in my boot. In the short time I had at the computer I downloaded the ships schematics, set off several power conduits. Most importantly, I shut down all tractor beams. I remember reminding myself to get some more security spikes when I escaped.

I was forced to stop sabotaging the vessel when a group of pirates reached us. I decided it would be foolish to continue when several beams of light singed my hair. I dove away. We ran down the hallway, the group of bounty hunters continuing to pour death in our direction. Apparently they were more concerned with the security of their ship than a larger bounty on two live Jedi. (Where’s avarice when you need it?) Simultaneously Andrew and I used the Force to assist us in our running. We began weaving through corridors.

We were safe for the moment, but we needed our lightsabers before we could even think of escape. After a few minutes we stopped at a corner to catch our breath. Andrew was tiring rapidly. His mental and physical health had been strained to the limit during the attack on the temple, and he was not handling this well. I pulled out my data pad and had a quick glance at the ship's schematics I had gotten from the com terminal. They revealed that the armory was through a blast door left of the corridor where we where standing. We went left. Just) We landed with a thud in the armory. Quickly I used the Force to shut the blast doors. They would hold the bounty hunters for a short period of time.

I looked around for the lightsabers. I was distracted, however, by a cry of pain. Andrew’s face was scrunched up like a kinrath pup, and he was clutching his shoulder. There was a severe burn there from a blaster bolt. I got some medpacs from the other hidden compartment in my boot and slapped them on the wound. Andrew passed out from shock or pain. There was also another problem. The bounty hunters had decided that explosives would work on the armory door. I used the Force to levitate Andrew on to an out-of-the-way bench. There was an earsplitting explosion, and they launched a smoke grenade through the gaping hole. I rolled away, drew in a breath, and held it with the assistance of the Force. When I regained my feet a new door opened to me. I saw our lightsabers on a workbench. I was surprised I had not seen them before. My opponents had just discovered that smoking me out would not work when, through the smoke, they saw my blue blade.

Comically one of the pirates whispered pathetically, “I want my mummy.”

Without further whimpering the pirates opened fire. Luckily the smoke blinded them so their aim went amiss. I leapt out of the armory and into the fray. Each strike took a life. At the time I had denied it, but I found it exhilarating to shear my blade through my enemies’ bodies like a hot knife through butter. I had underestimated my opponents, however. They where quite a sizable force, spread throughout the corridor into which I had just leapt. I decided to use defensive tactics. I used Force stasis in my opponents. Most of them froze, but some of the more headstrong resisted. I began to leap around the hall, propelling myself off the corridor walls. At first I held back, intending to let them surrender when they realized I could not be beaten. Then one of them managed to get a stun stick passed my defenses. It struck my right shoulder, and 550 volts charged through my system. Only the Force kept my heart from short-circuiting. A few strikes later all my opponents where dead or dying. All except one.

It was a Trandoshan with horrible, gleaming red eyes and leathery skin.

He stalked up to me, brandishing his double-bladed vibrosword.

He hissed liquidly,

“I am the best swordsman from here to Coruscant, and not even you, a Jedi, could possibly beat me!” He spat out the last words in contempt.

At that point I want punch his face in. ( He began the assault. For a pirate, he was actually quite a skilled swordsman. The battle between us lasted about a minute. At first I circled him, searching for a weak point. A series of probing strikes revealed that he was aggressive, using flurries as his main attack pattern.

I leapt at him. I and my saber where one. I furiously struck left, right, up and down. I saw an opportunity and took it. I performed a critical strike which ended up cutting both his feet off. He fell to his knees.

“Who is the best now?” I asked mockingly.

He looked pathetically up at me.

“Stay and fight Jedi; I’ll bite you to death!”

The Transhodan’s eyes rolled back and the thug fell in unconsciousness at my feet.

Never was anything great achieved without danger.

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