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Now that we had recovered our lightsabers—and had put a sizable dent in the pirates’ population— I set my mind to escaping the ship. The only problem was that I had to do it with an unconscious, heavy young Jedi slung across my back. I picked him up and set off as quietly as I could allow. My destination was the hangar. I was hoping to escape, report the pirates to the system authorities and be done with it. My movement was heavily restricted by Andrew, so I could not use Force run to get to the hangar. It was laborious work, but thankfully I didn’t encounter another bloodthirsty group of villainous pirates.

Eventually I reached the hangar. Causing havoc via the computer terminal had obviously limited the pirates’ knowledge of my whereabouts. I reached the hangar. The blast doors leading to the hangar were wide open, and there were no guards in the immediate vicinity. A glance through the hangar doors revealed there was only one person in there, a Bith using a fusion cutter to fix up a snub fighter. Perfect. I walked up to the Bith. He turned, surprised.

“You didn’t see me,” I whispered to him as I waved my hand.

“I didn’t see you,” intoned the Bith in a cold voice.

I found the Pacifist and boarded her. Quickly I primed the engines and prepared for a jump to hyperspace. But I had made what could well have been a fatal mistake. Ah, Yoda had always warned us that connection was the path to destruction! I should have taken off in another freighter, but I was—attached—to my ship. I felt privileged to own her, and I would not give her up to a group of bloody pirates. I took off. Shining bright stars beckoned to me as I set to autopilot and rushed into the engine room. The hyperdrive generator was still damaged beyond repair. The pirates hadn’t got around to replacing it. The nearest planet was Naboo. The people there were known for being friendly to Jedi in need. I turned off the autopilot and began to increase my speed towards the planet. Just as I was thinking I was home free, the pirates’ turrets opened fire. I weaved up and down, attempting to avoid the blasts, but it was impossible. The Pacifist’s shields began to crackle as they vainly attempted to protect us. I checked the computer for odds of survival.

A +.3 chance of survival didn’t really cheer me up.

Our main boosters were hit. I lost control, and the Pacifist began to spin wildly. Luckily, we were quite close to Naboo. Gravity’s slight tug turned into a heave, and soon we where hurtling towards the planet. The pirates stopped firing, probably thinking it would be foolish to fire on a planet that had experience in battle and space combat.

Vainly I attempted to get us into position to make a half decent landing. It wasn’t working at all. We plunged headfirst towards the surface. I could see flashes of green as the ground passed the viewport with each roll of the ship. I abandoned wrestling with the controls to strap Andrew into a seat. I discovered he was awake and cognizant enough to strap himself in. He was still attempting to stem the blood trickling from the blaster wound in his shoulder. I returned to wrestling with the controls, but I was too late. I strapped myself in, bracing myself for the collision and concentrating on survival.

We hit the ground—hard.

There was a scream. I didn’t know if it was mine or Andrew’s. I didn’t care.

The memories are hazy, but something hit my head, and I sank into beautiful, all-encompassing blackness…

Never was anything great achieved without danger.

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