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Originally Posted by Lance Monance View Post
I thought along the lines of something like that:
For simplicity, let's assume that someone can have 2 different opinions on any given topic.
The probability that 2 people have the same opinion is (1/2^2)*2, the probability that 3 people have the same opinion is (1/2^3)*2. (I hope I didn't make a complete fool of myself and overlooked something here.. )
That would mean that the chances of agreeing on any given topic are worse with more people involved. Opinions wouldn't be more differing, but the chances of having an agreement would be worse. And if conflict stems from disagreements...
But perhaps I oversimplified it...with more people, one of them might even try and mediate.
I think the biggest thing I'm having trouble with is why more opinions = conflict.

I certainly agree that there is additional potential for conflict, however since these people are getting married to one another, I would tend to assume that they're done so because they get along to some degree.

If we were picking people at random and then forcing them to live in a house 24/7 with one another, it would be easier for me to come around to where I think you're going with this, but we're discussing polygamy, not next season's line up of reality television programing.

Originally Posted by Lance Monance View Post
That's a possibility, but what I mentioned above is one as well, I believe. (that more voices would increase the chances of conflict)
And I addressed this in my last post. If more voices = more conflict and familial conflict is to be avoided, then we should have similar restrictions on large families regardless of the number of parents.

Originally Posted by Lance Monance View Post
Well if someone calls the shots and everyone else just falls behind, there would be no conflict at all.
Technically no, but for the sake of this discussion I won't split hairs re: conflict avoidance vs other resolution styles.

Originally Posted by Lance Monance View Post
There is no difference. Ok, the conflict argument doesn't really get us anywhere, but then again, even if polygamous families were shown to be more prone to conflict than equally sized normal families, it wouldn't be a convincing argument.
I'm still not understanding the basis for all the assumptions. Not saying that we shouldn't have them, only that until you can provide me with a convincing argument why we should apply them to one scenario and not the other, I can't bring myself to share them.

Originally Posted by Lance Monance View Post
Was kind of hoping that one of those words would be a link.
And maybe at some point I'll feel compelled to do so. Right now though, you've made the assumption that there isn't any research on this. I'm still trying to figure out if such an assumption is a good idea.

Originally Posted by Lance Monance View Post
You're welcome.
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