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Assuming anyone is still reading this...

Originally Posted by Verb4tim View Post
I have a question for Master Kavar.

I am light side and i fought Bastila at the star forge with your mod. I am positive that Bastila say kill Malak for me my love or something like that. However, when you don't have the a male, i guess the game is using the female dialog for that scene. If you can, could you please put the male dialog instead?
Great mod, but i noticed this too.
I've been poking at this myself. The mod doesn't touch the Star Forge dialog at all AFAICT, so what you're getting when you confront her there is the default game behavior. Which is an enormous shame, because that's half the love story right there.

Now, it appears that what the game is actually doing when you have that talk with Basty is running a script called k_psta_bastrom, or, on one occasion, k_psta_bastromn; if that script returns false, the game decides you're not romancing the lady and doesn't give you the romance dialog options. Theoretically, the brute force method for solving the problem would be to remove those conditionals from the .dlg file, which would make the game always offer you those dialog options. I've been trying that for the last hour or so to no success, but my testing method isn't very vigorous, so it's possible that I'm just doin' it wrong.

The ideal solution, though, would be to figure out what the k_psta_bastrom script actually says, and recompile it in a way that accounts for the rest of the mod. That's way beyond my skill level, unfortunately, but if Master Kavar or anyone else wants to take a crack at it I'd be eternally grateful.

Oh, and shakduhn - third question, that's not an issue at all. You can romance Carth, Bastila, and Juhani all at once if you like.

Second question, judging from the .dlg file, it should be entirely possible, but you've gotta pick just the right dialog options. "How do I know you won't betray me," or something to that effect, is the parent question.

Edit: here's a quick Star Forge fix - just drop those in the Override folder and it ought to clear up the failure to call dialog, without calling that dialog for players who haven't pursued the romance. And if I'm reading the swg_bastila20 script right, this may help with that romance bug when you try to talk to Basty after the kiss. No permanent hosting until I'm sure of that, though, because otherwise this is just an unauthorized patch.

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