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Moving to the K1 forum...

I think the Endar Spire was sacrificed by the Jedi to put 'our hero' into play, with Bastila and Carth meant to be our companions/watchers.
You know, I've always wondered about that. Malak makes a big deal out of how the Jedi weren't being merciful, they just needed you for your memories of the Star Map, and Bastila parrots that to some extent when you confront her at the Temple.

But that doesn't track with how things play out in the beginning of the game. When you first rescue Bastila at the swoop track, she genuinely doesn't seem to know who you are. Now, you could say she's faking it, but Bastila is a very bad liar (this is especially obvious if you play out the romance, but you get hints of it in her other dialog). Plus, she goes on from there to question you about the rescue, and even bring up the possibility of you having Force sensitivity. If she knows about the secret and it's her job to keep it, why even bring that up? And then she pushes the Jedi Council to train you, all "surely you can feel the power of the Force in this wo/man," which I can't see her doing quite so vehemently if she knew she was advocating re-arming the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Add to that the fact that the Jedi Council doesn't even know the Star Map exists until you and Bastila report the dream to them. Of course, they could be lying, but what do they have to gain from that, and why would they send Nemo to his death if they already knew what was in there?

It's always seemed most likely to me that the Council thought, "Revan was a hero, one of our best, and maybe could be again if all that Dark Lord stuff isn't a factor." So they wipe your mind, thinking you've got no memories of Revan and no Force sensitivity left, and stick you in the Republic fleet, where you can gain ranks and achieve prominence and put that tactical brilliance that won the Mandalorian War back into practice. But, just in case those memories do start coming back, they assign you to Bastila, because she's the one who beat you before and they figure she can again if she has to. And given that they're senior Jedi, I can totally believe them doing that to Bastila and not telling her.

That still leaves the question of why Bastila herself doesn't recognize you - maybe the Dark Side really did disfigure you that much, or maybe she never looked under the mask when she took you back to the Jedi - but I still find it far more plausible and consistent with the way the story plays out that the Jedi really thought they'd "given you a second chance" at life and are just as surprised as you by the returning memories of the Star Maps. They're too uninformed, unprepared and divided of opinion on whether to even allow you to undertake the quest for it to have been planned.
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