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The Critic's Chair on Misc. Writings and Musings

It has occurred to me that we have talented members who write other than Fics, shorties and songfics. They are the ones who write poetry and occassionally, like me, write a song intended to make people laugh. Therefore I will take the critic's chair on misc. writings and musings and give a formal review.

If you feel that I am good or not please cast a vote for me to continue. I feel that people should be recognized for all their talents. So with out further ado, I will give the first review.

Burnseyy's Poetry

First on the list is Burnseyy's Poetry. Burnseyy possesses a unique quality of bringing out the darkness that lurks within our souls at times and of darkness that occurs in the world. Nostalgic Tear is one that shows a grotesque side of people and Burnseyy succeeds in giving imagery to a horrifying sight. My personal favorite is Place of Ghosts. Burnseyy's talent comes alive with imagery depicting emptiness and gives the impression of lifelessness between man and woman at a certain point in a relationship. Burnseyy's poetry goes on and worth a look at for anyone interested in dark imagery.

LordOfTheFish's Poetry Without Tears

Two poems submitted in this thread and not bad for a first time since 4th grade. There is some curiosity about choice of spelling in 'Blindness' such as "wisper" and "tradgic" and it is wondered if it is intentional or not. The poem is well written telling about blindness and how it can take over your senses. Well played out with regards to the person dying and seeing nothing. For those that like the poetic style of Dr. Seuss, 'What Fish Do' is cute and funny. Playful rhythm about fish and the naughty things they are. A cute verse for members with kids.

That is it for this week and I look forward to reviewing two more next week. So if you have anything that doesn't quite fit into the fanfic category or fan art, it will be reviewed here. Have a great week folks.

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