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Video driver compatibility issue (or other?)

Hi y'all.
I first ran KOTOR 1 on XP before and all worked fine. Since my old computer became quite unstable and hardware redundant, I switched to a completely new hardware set, P5Q, Intel Dual Core etc. Now I need to get KOTOR 1 running on Vista, and I'm encountering some issues.

The only requirement that is marked (with a yellow dot) in the system config settings test is the video card. After the issued warning it goes : (null) 4098MB. Graphics recommended: ATI Radeon 9200 or better or NVidia GeForce 4 Ti or better (128 VRAM).

I checked what videocard I have: an ATI ASUS EAH4850 series, driver version 8.511.0.0. I already updated the install version of KOTOR and set all .exe files in the KOTOR folder on the drive on Windows XP compatibility mode and I also tagged it as me being 'moderator'-(mode). Should I tweak anything for the graphic card or is it 'so new' it won't work for the elder KOTOR 1?

I managed to get past the character customization screen, and when pressing 'play' it first exited because of an error. When trying a second time to get past, the opening title video camle up just fine without noteable glitches. But when I pressed ESC to skip it, the error came up again.

Details (the specs were in Dutch, I roughly translated them):

Problem signature:
Event name of problem: APPCRASH
Name of application: swkotor.exe
Application version:
Datestamp: 00000000
Name of error module: StackHash_0774
Version of error module :
Timestamp of error module: 00000000
Exception code: c0000005
Exception margin: 00000000
Driver system version: 6.0.6001.
Land properties-id: 2067
Additional information 1: 0774
Additional information 2: e26977578855e2637f4d717e90e466ab
Additional information 3: 1ac6
Additional information 4: 02c0455592725ced0ee0adf3523662e9

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Someone got an idea to work around this error message or how to fix it?
Thanks a million !
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