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honestly, like i have stated, you dont have to have your cable or dsl internet's permission to run a personal home network

just setup it up yourself with your own equipment, that way, yeah you'd pay for that initial 40 to 70 bucks (that being if you buy a linksys or a anything considered 'decent',...

That's all!!!)

that's all! the only thing you'd pay for is your connection, you'd pay extra for that 'professional' to come into your house an install the same router that you can pick up in a store and do it yourself
where if you paid the professional, not only would pay for the work, you would pay extra for the router,...

you are paying for an ip adress, your router that you put in is that soul adress, any other computer would be interal to your own network, covered by your own reouter's ability, normally up to 256 computers, which no one has...

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