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Storm of Zehir is out

First (mini) review is done. It contains slight spoilers.

Read it here.

Edit NWN2 patch is up to 1211549 which includes Storm of Zehir (1201541)

Bug Fixes

* Item costs in the game should match the costs in the toolset.
* Party members that have wands with 0 charges will now attack and use spells normally.
* When dropping an item, characters will now use the appropriate "drop" animation.
* Fixed an issue with opening two bags at once. You will now only be able to open one bag.
*The tool tip for the Player Chat menu item will now say Player Chat.
* Fixed an issue that caused freecam (console command) to not work properly.
* Made several corrections to the Doomgude class description.
* Snake's Swiftness, Mass will now affect the entire party.
* Hellfire Shield should now play an appropriate sound effect when activated.
* Hellfire Blast should now play an appropriate sound when activated.
* The description of Hellfire Shield has been changed to appropriately reflect it is an Area of Effect shield.
* Weapon Focus: Warmace will now be available to all qualified characters.
* The ability score descriptions in character creation have been changed to be more informative and reflect changes to the game.
* Fixed an issue that was causing certain AI behavior feedback to be displayed, even after being deactivated.
* When the game is paused, a much more noticeable message is displayed.
* Aura of protection will no longer provide "No Stacking" feedback.

* Item costs in the toolset should match the costs in game.
* Changing checkboxes with multiple objects selected will no longer cause the toolset to crash.
* Changing dropdown lists with multiple objects selected will no longer cause the toolset to crash.
* Fixed an issue where resizing a creature may not have resized the collision spheres.
* Fixed an issue where the creature cache was not working properly.
* Dropdowns generated from 2DAs will no longer start with the wrong row selected.
* Redesigned the fields associated with setting Tints to no longer be collapsed controls.
* Fixed an issue that caused light and sound spheres to not render at their proper size.
* Fixed an issue that caused ceiling tint changes to not show up in the toolset.

New Features

* Playable races now have a proper stealth animation.
* Added in the AI functionality from TonyK's AI.
* In a peer-to-peer multiplayer session, the hosting player may now unpause the game unconditionally.

* Added properties associated with the overland map, including camera positioning and the flag to mark the area as an overland map.
* Added camera positioning functionality settings in the area properties to support overland maps created by the community.
* Added a flag in the area properties to set an area to be an overland map.
* Added Campaign flags for Unrestricting NPC level ups (Lets them chose any class at level up)
* Added Campaign flags for Conversation Distance limit override.
* Added Campaign flags to turn off party-control character swapping for dialogs on a global level.
* Added Campaign flags to enable Party Creation and setting what the size of the party should be.
* Added Campaign flags to toggle the new death system.

* PlaySound() now takes an optional parameter: bPlayAs2D. This parameter will default to FALSE. Setting this parameter to TRUE will force the engine to play the sound you specified as a 2D sound rather than 3D Positional audio, regardless of what the engine would normally do before.
* BeginConversation() now has a parameter that allows you to block the character's 'Greeting' VO from playing.
* Added a script function SetScrollBarValue()
* Added a script function SetPause()
* Added a script function GetPause()

Additional items that will be int he patch, but are not listed int he patch notes are:

* Added in the authentication system to support the Adventure Pack system.

* Fixed issues that would cause the Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep to crash on transition if they had certain items or metamagic spells in the quickbar.

* Use Magic Device will no longer supersede a character's caster class or level, when that caster level is higher than the UMD skill.

* Fixed an issue that caused high level items to be used when a character had a single point in Use Magic Device.

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