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That's because drain, lightning, and other powers of that sort aren't just regular powers that any schmo with Force sensitivity can learn with ease, like Force push/pull, or jump.
i get that, but i think its drain but a different technique... i havnt played dark side, but i have killed zez kai ell on nar shadaa, just to see what happens, and quick loaded. when the exile killed him, she performed the 'scream' animation, with the force drain anim arcing from her chest to master ell's body. then kreia said something about it being instinct... i could be wrong here, but isnt that the technique that the sith learned from exile in the mando wars? i have a feeling that was what kreia used on the masters.
Hm.. it looked like drain. But drain is a single target power. Death field isn't, but she clearly didn't use death field.
thats why i thought it was i different power.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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