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I don't think anyone understands what I am trying to find out !

I own the game and have the CD ...........
I am able to host a dedicated server on my home connection no probs ......

BUT our community owns a server in a data centre and we want to run a server on there,
(why should i tie up my internet connection running a server when I admin 7 servers on a dedicated box !)

Whai I am trying to find out is if there is a "dedicated server only" install of the game
that I can put on the box in the data centre.
Not a full install of the game but a SERVER ONLY install.
Most other games of this nature have one (Including the quake series)
so I assume there is one avalible for JO, but I am unable to find it.

This may make things a bit clearer (or it may have made things worse lol )

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