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Space, and space combat (not related to the guild ships topic) for all fighter pilots

Hooray! This is my one hundredth post!

Jump to Lightspeed was my favorite expansion for Star Wars Galaxies. It gave such a depth to the roleplaying aspect of Galaxies that I actually find myself telling people, "I'm right above you, let me land", in reality you are in a completely different server.

It was nice to be able to hyperspace to other planets and fight an arcade flight simulator meshed game that you could play against the environment or against other pilots and pob ships.

It was more of a World War II flight simulator than a modern one because of the emphasis on guns being the primary weapon and missiles being a secondary weapon. (GL used world war II footage of the Battle of Britain as an early for of animatics for the Millenium Falcon fight and the Battle of Yavin scene in A New Hope causing that feel.)

By the way, if you haven't already, Master pilots should check out Ord Mantell with a group. You would be freaked out by the level of npcs there.

EVE went even further with the space concept by making all space activity on one giant server where you could literally go and go and go in space and never find the end of the server unlike in Galaxies.

I have often talked with people who have played both, and they agree with me that Galaxies would benefit from and EVE level space sim.

Would you be happy with this being added to Star Wars: The Old Republic? Why? or Why not?

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