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Dr. Wicked's Write or Die - A supreme tool for forcing yourself to write whatever that needs to be written in a given amount of time. Easy mode will throw balloons at you, Normal mode plays annoying music (which is not necessarily very annoying, since I got Bananaphone once and never typed a word again), Extreme mode starts deleting what you've written.

EtherPad - Online collaboration tool with real-time editing and chat, very useful for collaborating on a document. People here may find it useful in writing collaborative fanfics, or beta-reading, etc. Doesn't have a lot of formatting options etc. It's just for writing on the fly, and nothing else.

Songza - A previously more awesome song-search-listen site that leeches off YouTube, Skreemr(sp?) and now some other music site as well. Generally a great place to listen to a song.

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