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my report and conclustion

Last night if you guys remember I was still working on the whole video card issue. Well I was looking in the Catylst Control center of ATI and was trying to click outside the drop down list when I accidentally clicked Autolasing and 2x. Which doing so froze my computer. Each time I'd restart into normal mode it froze. In safe mode it didn't. So I got the independent tech to come over and work on it. He did somethign in msconfig to stop a process that was doing it. Even though I uninstalled the ATI Catylist Control center that had that option in it the computer would freeze. So he corrected it in msconfig.

We talked about the ATI card he put in. We discovered that this computer I've had since 1999. Wow. So I guess I must be doing something right for it to last so long.

However, with my computer being old and the incompatability issues with KOTOR and the current card and not knowing if a NVIDA would even work on this computer he suggested I simply next time I get a new computer that I call Dell and ask them to put together a computer and try to see if they will put XP on it since that's what KOTOR will do.

As before my budget to spend. The max I can spend is 15000 dollars. From this whole experience that frightened me and made me sick to my stomach that I thought he was going to have to end up wiping the computer, thankfully he didn't have to. But since this was a bad experience for me I say never again will I screw with video card stuff.

I'll just call up Dell sometime and get them to put together a computer that will run KOTOR games well. Yeah at this point still can't play KOTOR on this computer. I think this computer is old enough that will be a problem not matter what anyway. I just don't want to mess with it anymore.

I can wait a few months for a new computer. So what I need from you guys is if you can let's make up a idea for a new computer that is made to play KOTOR. Let's make that dream computer.

Thank you guys. I'm just happy that today I feel a lot better after my computer now can load again. lol.

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