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Darth Nihilus didn't drain half the council on the Visas's homeworld, there was no council maybe a few jedi, if you also remember Darth Nihilus must likely drained the planet from a ship, while he does it he is very weak and can be dispatched easily, e.g. force meditation requires alot of concentration and the wielder is very vulnerable, so for Nihilus to even summon that sort of power to defeat Revan he wouldn't be able to unless he was far away, and the planet itself was stationary, while the inhabitants weren't they must been easy to target in their groups and with so many ships he could use the ships to increase his range, don't know how but it seems logical, Revan could easily board the ship and dispatch Nihilus, this is why Revan would and could win, as for Nihilus's range Revan could use his force abilities to shut himself from the force and then it wouldn't affect even thoug we know he wudn't do it or he would create a foce shiewld strong enough to protect him from the force drain of Nihilus while he boards a ships and is flown to Nihilus, what do you think?
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