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Originally Posted by stoffe View Post
A warning to those who are getting Storm of Zehir but are still playing Mask of the Betrayer. If you install SoZ it will mess up all the cinematic dialogs/cutscenes in MotB. The voiceover/lipsync will be gone and the game will race through the dialog nodes, making MotB rather unplayable.
Ouch! I imagine that they will fix that...seems like a major issue

Originally Posted by Review posted by Arátoeldar
The one thing that seems to be lacking is any form of interaction from the cohorts. No snappy dialogue - no witty repartee. Even attempting to initiate a conversation gives you zip. Nothing. The cohorts are as silent as the stone heads at Easter Island.
It looks like if I ever buy it, I will miss Sand even more... I have always liked party members interactions.
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