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Originally Posted by Lance Monance View Post
Consenting adults! If women (or men for that matter) consent to being treated badly..their business. If they are being forced then it is not what we've been talking about. As for your first point, I could probably say similar things about normal families too (surely there are lots of circumstances that create an atmosphere where children are neglected by their fathers). I'd appreciate it if you elaborated on that point, but even if it were true, unless we apply the very same reasoning to normal families it is no reason to prohibit polygamy.
No, actually you couldn't as the per capita rates are much higher in polygamist societies. That is if you had actually read the report(actually a collection of reports) which is from a non-biassed source. Neglect is much higher as the number of children and number of wives involved is significantly higher. Consent is all well and good, but I would like to see a polygamist society where that actually happens. Could you please reference one, so I can research the problems within that one. Abuse and coersion occur. From a young age women are indoctrinated into a belief that they are somehow inferior. So actually that is very much related to the topic. It is another side effect of the abuse that goes on.

From the site:
While there are significant limitations to the existing social science research on polygamy in terms of methodology and sample size, a significant amount of research from a number of countries strongly suggests that, in comparison to monogamy, polygamy is associated with significant negative outcomes for women and children. Polygamous relationships appear significantly more likely than monogamous relationships to be characterized by physical and emotional abuse of women. Many women in polygamous unions experience a diminished sense of self-worth and suffer from competition with the other wives. Children are significantly more likely to have a distant relationship with their father, and to experience academic difficulties.
The premise this thread was established under is not really well thought out though. Same Sex Marriage has no bearing on monogamy whatsoever.

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