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Well because K1-2 has issues with Vista right now it should be an XP. It should have a DVD and CD drive, and Flash drive. I don't need a zip or A drive anymore. Flat panel monitor(preferabily 19, 21inch), I'd like to be able to play K1-2, EaW/FoC, and Starcraft 2 if that is possible. I'd like the card to bele to allow for the max settings in K1-2. It'd be cool if it could run Starcraft 2, but I'm not sure in that it will be a new game and K1-2 are older. I'm not sure if it will work. Also, my current computer has trouble with EaW in that if you reach max unit capacity in the galaxy map the game becomes sluggish. I was told it was due to my processor being a Pentium 4 and that I would told I should get a processor better than that.

Also, the resolution of the card does not need to be high. I am visually impared and have one eye. The other is a prosthetic. I was born with one eye and am low vision. I sue Zoomtext. But like I said I play K1-2 and love it. Well loved it when this computer wasn't messed up and old. Yeah I play xbox live and no one knows I'm blind or suspects it. So its not like I'm with little vision or anything. lol.

I know some things, but please for any configuration, or what driver to stay at please tell me with the new computer when I get it. I don't want to mess up my old computer to where I have that whole driver mess up. So I want to know what I'm doing. My resoultion I use all the time is 800x 600. I sue it because its biggest for me.


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