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He said since service pack 2 and 3 you no longer have to do that. He said that was true you had to reinstall every year or so during the time before and during the time of service pack 1. While I've adked you about a computer I've also been asking on Obsiden too. To make it a more collaborative effort and put all the qualified minds together, let's collaborate. Currently tehy've hleped me to come up with some specs:

Processor: Intel Core Duo E 8400(or something in the 8 series)
Nvidia 9500GT PCIE graphic Card
Good Hard Drive(i.e Coolermaster Elite Tower with an extra fan)
Pioneer DVD Burner
Flash Drive
Gigabyte M-61 Motherboard
XP Pro(till Vista gets fixed)

What do you think of this current specs? I'm currently asking them if the graphics card will also play Starcraft 2. They say this card does play Oblivion and World of Warcraft on highest settings just fine. But I would not want to play Oblivion. I mean if KOTOR can be adictive, I can't imagine what Oblivion or World of Warcraft is all about. But if they have guys playing 15 hours a day on it and losing their jobs due to it, lol, it would be a bad idea for me since I love KOTOR so much. It's a project. Working on a galaxy, being an arcatech of shaping it to how I want and doing LS and DS wiht care on how I want it is so satisfying.

The thread where the discussion of the card and specs forthe new computer is here, I hope tis is okay to give a link to another forum. Not sure if you guys are in competition. Here it is:

But since your looking for a computer as well this helps because it puts all ideas together and together it can only help to make a better outcome and knowledge to all becomes spread around to better the outcome.

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