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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
He said since service pack 2 and 3 you no longer have to do that.
That's a good one, because almost everything that runs on the NT kernel always needs to be reinstalled once in a while, regardless of the OS version.
Processor: Intel Core Duo E 8400(or something in the 8 series)
Nvidia 9500GT PCIE graphic Card
Good Hard Drive(i.e Coolermaster Elite Tower with an extra fan)
Pioneer DVD Burner
Flash Drive
Gigabyte M-61 Motherboard
XP Pro(till Vista gets fixed)
Yeah, that's a really decent rig. It'll run more than just KotOR alone, though, and I mean games that run on engines as advanced as the Unreal Engine 3, such as Mass Effect. The flash drive is totally optional, though. In fact, if you want to save lots of dough, you might as well buy all of the parts individually from retailers and just assemble everything yourself.

Uh, that links to Kavar's
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