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What's a "corei7 crossfire 4870X2"? Is that the cpu, processor, or what? Yeah I know. SD you are so "nar nar nar na nar nar nar". That was my sucky attempt to do the sound of a banjo like I must be dumb if I don't know what that "corei7 crossfire 4870X2" meant. Which I don't. Whta's it mean?

Yeah I gave th wrong link. SD what are you blind. lol. Here's the real link:

Now you get to see in that thread my helmet wearing lack of tech knowlege from another forum. lol.

But anyway, I appreciate this guys. Q and these guys working together will be great in haveing multiple ideas and help this family with a new computer. Games for me, newer less slow comptuer for them, and everyone will be able to do their pictures, itunes, music, and etc.

Things have sure changed since way back when I remember my first computer was a 286 and it only held 6MB. Back then that was like the best you could get. Yeah I'm old. lol. I's just amazing how in the late 80's it was that and now just a decade or so later huge, amazing, sleak pcs have changed so much.

Thanks guys.

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