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DOSBOX 0.72 With Tie Fighter DOS Collectors CD

Hi everyone. I've been running TF Collectors CD using VDMSound v2 with joystick support, however, as people have been saying its too slow to be playable (i got tired of it after 3 missions). I've seen elsewhere though that some people have used DOSBOX 0.72 to run the game with much better success in terms of speed (i.e you can apparently hit ctrl+F12 I believe and it 'speeds the game up')

So I would like to try using DOSBOX; I have the game installed and IMUSE all set up, but when I mount the C:\TIECD (where I have the game installed) and then run TIE it just brings me to the installer menu and not the game itself. I havent exactly seen a detalied procedure how to install this using DOSBOX instead of VDMSound, so therefore does anyone have a suggestion ?

Specs Pentium 4 2.8 GHZ with 256 MB RAM and a 3D graphics card. Thanks!
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