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Thanks! I hope that some of you could help me to clean up/improve the mesh, some parts are still mirrorred and not attached toghether, maybe fix some proportions and save some tris here and there, I didn't know how to skin, so I'll need help on that.

I'm planning to make it a model pack, with options for torso who includes the exposed mechanical arm, robed and unrobed; a nude torso with the blue tatoos from the nelvian warriors from the cartoon series when Anakin lost the firs mechanical arm; a variante of the lastone with the mechanical arm destroyed; a semiburned robe with the mechanical arm destroyed, and heads with the 3danimated series look and one with a photorealistic look; maybe could include one with wet hair as in the cartoon battle vs ventress on Yavin IV, so... who wants the mesh? lol
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