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Yeah one of those guys said on there something about that would be difficult with Dell to get a 21inch monitor. I'd have to look back to see where it was. But non the less we're deciding on the monitor. I do like the ones where it can be descrete monitor. You know tose where you look to the side and you can't see the screen unless your incront of it. At least that's what I think mine is. Less bright when you look from the side. They did say on this thread it depends on which monitor do you like when it comes to flat panel. They asked if I liked neon lights. I have no idea of what that would be.

Didn't we say though that KOTOR runs better on NVIDA rahter than ATI? Q said something about that. Isn't 60fps less than 75? I remember KOTOR runs max of 75. So it won't run Starcraft 2 your saying?

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