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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
Didn't we say though that KOTOR runs better on NVIDA rahter than ATI?
No, it doesn't matter who the manufacturer is, only how powerful the card is.
Q said something about that. Isn't 60fps less than 75?
Yep, 60<75, obviously.
I remember KOTOR runs max of 75.
I don't think KotOR has a preset framerate cap. Then again, I've never had an average framerate over 50 in KotOR, so there's no way that I could test that in-game.
So it won't run Starcraft 2 your saying?
No, no, no, it will run on something as powerful as the 4870. I'm saying that a GPU like that will run a game as powerful as Crysis. Since KotOR is a five year old game, with it running on a next-gen GPU such as the 4870 or GTX 260, it will dramatically improve the performance of something such as KotOR.
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