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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
Didn't we say though that KOTOR runs better on NVIDA rahter than ATI?
Kotor can run fine with both. I've played it with two nVidia cards and three Ati cards(not at the same time of course ).

Both are good manufacturers although both have driver issues sometimes.

Processor: Intel Core Duo E 8400(or something in the 8 series)
Nvidia 9500GT PCIE graphic Card
Good Hard Drive(i.e Coolermaster Elite Tower with an extra fan)
Pioneer DVD Burner
Flash Drive
Gigabyte M-61 Motherboard
XP Pro(till Vista gets fixed)
For $1500 you can do a lot better than that...if that costs $1500, it is way overpriced (even in Canadian dollars). Btw, as far as I know, the Gigabyte M61 Mobo is for the AM2 socket and it won't work with the e8400 CPU. Also, the nvidia 9500gt is a very average card. It will work for kotor but don't expect it to max out games like Oblivion (well probably at 800x600 but definitely not much higher and newer games will be more demanding). However, if Kotor is all you want to play, then any recent video card, even lower end will work.

Btw, do you really need an already built system or are you willing to build one yourself (or do you have someone who can build one for you) ? If so, you can get better quality components at a lower price.

edit: also, if you have vision problems, I'd recommend a monitor with a bigger dot pitch, such as a 22" instead of a 21" dad, who has very poor vision now, has one now and he loves it as he is able to slightly boost the resolution (not much as the difference is still very small) and get a little more info on the screen while he is still able to read it.

And don't bother with a 64 bit OS unless you intend to get more than 4 gigs of ram (which is also pretty useless for gaming right now, especially for Kotor lol). Although the 32-bit version will only recognize slightly more than 3GB, it seems that it is still not worth it to get a 64bits OS for 4GB:,1775-5.html

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