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Originally Posted by Allronix View Post
A fan artist nicknamed Eji came out with a wonderful MP3 called "The Courtship of Revan," layering Carth dialogue over the bittersweet Anakin/Padme theme from ATOC. When I can't play a full game, I'll play that,, Sbarge earned his paycheck.

As I've posted here many times, I play LSF Revan almost exclusively, and the Carth romance is one of the factors in the decision. There's no Force Bond amping up what may or may not be there. He only finds out the Big Secret minutes before Revan does. They start out together, just two ordinary people who get to know one another first as people, and things progress through the whole game.

His is an arc that mirrors that of your character. He starts out as a good man with mountains of distrust and a shield of rage. It was no mistake on Bioware's part to make him and the innocent teenager the highest LS members in your party. Do a good dead and he remarks that it's good to see that the "good guys" can still act the part. Saul gave him a painful lesson that the universe and those around him were not to be trusted (and, if retcon's your friend, Zayne probably disabused Carth of any notions that the Jedi were paragons of virtue as well). If your Revan arcs light, then he is gently coaxed out of his shell, as he keeps encouraging her. If she arcs dark, he doesn't lecture so much as say "this isn't what you want. I've seen this, I know how it'll warp you." His last conversation before the ultimate choice is a stammering attempt to try and offer himself as a reason to do the right thing. Go LS, you redeem yourself and validate his arc. Go DS, and it damns you both. One of the first mods released was the "opera" ending where he goes in and makes one last plea. He knows he doesn't stand a snowball's chance on Mustafar, but he will try with everything he has.

"I love you. I love you now...even...even after all you done. I love you like I haven't loved anyone or anything since my wife died...You may not care about me. You may not care about anything anymore, but I still believe there's a part of you I can reach, a part that believes in love, and hope, and mercy..."

That's another thing - with Bastila, I was never sure if she was falling for M!Revan, or his power. I wasn't sure if she was truly in love with him, or suffering under a dire need to cut loose, his bad boy charm, a Force Bond, and being away from her "chaperones" at the Enclave. Carth? Never had to wonder. He's a man who has enough life experience to know the differences in love, lust, and infatuation. He's been married, and while it had some rough points, he managed to stay married. As any widow/er can attest, being able to fall in love again after losing the person you thought you'd grow old with is no small thing.

And the end of the LS arc? Well, we had to wait for CJT102 to give us a kiss in that scene, but the public declaration beats a clandestine fumble in the back room in my book.
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