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Originally Posted by SD Nihil
....xp pro(til Vista gets fixed)....
if you are referring to getting fixed for KOTOR, I would like to tell you quite categorically:

The associated implications:
1. It isnt MS responsibility to fix. BioWare has no legacy partnership with MS ensure backward compatibility for subsequent OSs. Some engines made it through to vista virtually unscathed. A massive online community, like CStrike etc, usually ensures some legacy compatibility. KOTOR doesnt have this. Its a dwindling title, not a growing one. eg. I spend alot of time on a KOTOR forum, but havent played it for 2 years. Im sure Im not the only one!

2. BioWare/Obsidian would need to do a complete overhaul to fix it - will they: NO

3. Dont expect KOTOR to work in Windows7 for the same reasons as stated in 1.

Just stay with xp @Like D33 said, KOTOR in 64bit is a no-no, and x64 gaming isnt really happenning atm

However, please be aware that the article from Toms submitted does not fully inform > it reminds me of why I want to take that freakin hammer from Toms logo and throw it at Tom, whomever he may be

Lets redress the imbalance, for incomplete information is more dangerous than complete ignorance

After reading that, people would go around saying "hey dude, 64 bit is no good unless you have 8gb RAM. I read it on Toms man. Like for real! "

Yes, 64 bit is good, for two things especially:
*Niche applications > apps 'made to utilise x64' No, this doesnt include playing KOTOR with the 1337 custom stripy purple tunic and neckerchief someone modded. These niche apps are used by professionals in the fields of engineering, design, graphical design, animation and video editing applications.

*High end networking Servers: 64 bit OS perpetuate because of the server market. In Vista Ultimate there is a max capacity of 128GB RAM. That wasnt done by accident. Integrated with Windows Server 2008, the capabilities of networks built on these OS are significantly higher than ones based on server 2003 and xp x86.

Sure, this isnt relevant to many casual users or gamers. But it needs to be said. Knowing that, people can go out and instead say "64 bit wont really help much in gaming. It best works in programs written for it like professional video and graphical programs, and high end servers"

Finally, a decent article from Toms would have taken 5-10 commonly used apps from games to photoshop to video converters and put them through their paces on both OS variants and with 2,4,6-8GB etc. This should also include some niche application figures to demonstrate the x64 advantage when that advantage is being specifically targeted.

I hope the picture is more complete now


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