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Current Game: K1/2, EaW/FoC, & TFU
Processor: Intel Core Duo E 8400(or something in the 8 series)
ATI corei7 crossfire 4870X2
NVIDA Geforce 260 Core 216 (It's suggested eVGA as the brand to buy)
DVD/CD Drive and Flash Drive
Windows XP Pro 32 Bit
NVIDA Motherboard

This would help if we just edit this list. Like I said yeah I will read taht artile you guys mentioned to learn more, but so far a lot of this hardware stuf I know little about. I'd be great if I could by the end of this have a plan together that I can just read out to dell or something and say this is what I want build it. And of course have Q's computer he's finding too and be able to have two ideas to decide on. Who knows the final specs could improve upon Q's. And Q's could improve upon these. In the end one gret final product.

But yeah with my little vision I wouldn't be able to see the hardware to put it together. So maybe that tech guy might be able to put it together. He has on this computer put in the video card, ram, and cloned to a bigger hard drive. This above list is stuff with notes that has been or is being worked on by both this and the ohter Obsiden thread.

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