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The New Lightsaber Building/Balancing System was an idea I was working on back when I was just starting pre-production on the Revenge of Revan Mod. This system will be integrated into the RoR mod. This means you will not be able place the system into other mods without doing some re-balancing for that other mod. Basically its not a plug and play system.

Origin: When I played kotor2 I was bothered by the idea that a Jedi who is so skilled could not make a saber without these 3 items that seem forever to locate. Also you would get these items from random people for finishing their quest. Once you did get a light saber, you would get lightsaber rewards from refugees which made no sense. I decided to change that and other things within the kotor2 game.

I wanted the player to feel an evolution in their lightsaber building just as you could get better blasters as you progressed in the game. The other issue is to make sure that not everyone ends up with the same saber hilt at the end of the game. To do this, later in RoR ACT 2:

You will have to search out holocron/data disks which will hold the design for the saber.
Some sabers will prefer certain feats or other stats like being darkside to build it.
Reminder: If you build a lightsaber which can only be built by a darkside PC and you later turn to the lightside, this does not affect the ability to use the saber.

The end result will be players who will float toward a certain lightsaber hilt do to the player's personal use of the PC. There will be no all powerful lightsaber. You will take pride in building it as well as updating it.

This is one thing of many that will be be changed for the Revenge of Revan mod.
Another will be no more looking for 4 of the same people or objects on multiple planets.

I also have some other new ideas that are being floated and tested. I can't discuss them right now, but in the coming months I will announce them, only when they have been tested.



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