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Originally Posted by Astor_Kaine View Post
Ok, so i've been following American Politics and news broadcasts for some time now, and I've noticed more and more that certain outlets, or people like to throw around the term 'Un-American'.

Now, as a Brit, it's pretty hard to understand - what defines this? And what makes one 'Un-American'? Or is it just a political insult used by those who wish to disparage another's patriotism and beliefs?

This concept of 'Un-American'ness is very strange to many outside of the US, and I'm seeking some input from anyone, Americans or not (maybe fellow foreigners also have similar questions).

I'd like to ask that people keep thoughts and opinions regarding the ongoing elections out of this discussion - i'm not interested in hearing accusations against the respective candidates here.

*Move this to the political discussion if it is felt that it will be better answered there - I didn't think it was necessarily a political topic.
THANK YOU--I was getting *SO* sick of political-elect talk.

My own opinions.
1) using America's own freedom of speech to bash it--especially college professors who speak out against our 1st amendment.
Mandating government controls over it.
For example, I think moderators like Jae Onasi do a fine job of the decency sort of neatening up after clumbsy posts... like mine (though you remind me of general mother figures, Jae!). Censorship, well, is banning expression because it "offends" a certain group. I don't care how much you despise it, if it's anything short of defamatory, slandering sentiment, you leave it alone.

2) calling any talk you disagree with "hate speech" or implying racism (or taint thereof) to certain actions or inactions. What a cop out. That's like calling "hold" whenever pressed in a fencing match or "time" when losing a match or failing a test in kendo.

3) As someone who is on a level of owner/manager of family business (mom and pop), I see things differently than workers. I RESENT being called fascist.

4) LACK of work ethic. Does nobody get up to change the channel anymore?
Is it so unheard of to go out and clean your yard? Clear snow?
Hate to admit it, but, that is the reason so many illegals are allowed here. I wanted something, I WORKED for it, unlike so many of my friends: spoiled. So many lazy but able bodied adults sitting around. Though I would agree there is business greed largely involved which leads me to my next one. Immigrants (LEGAL citizens) I have less problems with, but still, we could do better.

5) Poisoning the honor of free market/capitalism. "The hyper-greed standards". (paraphrased Granny Smith)
Someone in my own town was thrown in jail for evading taxes by hiring illegals. The whole benefits thing is debatable with me, BUT the unethical business practices are not. Undercutting and running at a loss to kill competition. SHAME! Also, what one says is not what one means or does. Shifting blame to another when the fault and responsibility is ONE's OWN. Taking advantage of uneven play fields to monopolize a market. Short sidedness to make MONEY MONEY MONEY! The free market is not free from honor! The self-sustaining individual able to support him/her own self and family.

6) Attacking and destroying the traditional family. I don't care what anyone says--I have yet to see any credible evidence that the functional family is NOT a building block of our society. I'd like to go more into it, but those issues are a bit touchy and perhaps inappropriate here.

7) OK, saying we "deserved" 9/11, or legitimizing violent behaviors by "racial karmah". Cop outs. The crusades happened long before USA was born. Not everybody descended from slaveholders either--many immigrated (not illegaly migrated) here. (Though I'm sure some slipped through the cracks!)

8) Political correctness stereotyping. Stalin himslef invented the term. It oversimplifies things, paints everyone in a group one stripe all while refusing to recognizing there can be differences WITHIN a group. Assuming just because a so-called "Republican" or "Democrat" is in office that Conservatives and Liberals (respectively) have this unyielding collective agreement with the leader.

If you wish to debate me at length, PM me.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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