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I thought there was a difference between regulation and socialist oversight but since I haven't information to addequately refute or confirm that, I'll move onto my next point if it's all the same and regualtion equals socialism... (though I have my doubts)...

Food for thought:

What is so bad about socialism? Nothing yet. I'm not saying it would absolutely spill over into dictatorship, however, that's how it starts.
I am saying that if the socio-machine gets too powerful, then we could have a combination of all the wrong freedoms and regulations creating undesirable conditions. Then again, we possibly have that already.

What's really eating me is the more we cede *our* responsibilities to government, the more it would make sense the government would want to have more control over our freedoms. Yet people choose to ignore that.

Where there is centralization of control, I fear that that the control will more and more exclude the people as they are pushed to the outer frey. Oh sure, "oversight comittees" will "overlook the actions of the government", but that's saying the government will watch the government. Like saying corporate will watch corporate. Even if the comitees are not necessarily the same entity but arbitrary...without accountability and transparency to THE people they might as well be entities of either.

Fact: PEOPLE run government, PEOPLE run corporations...a 2 way system where either one or the other reigns. It just isn't working.

So keep in mind, *THE PEOPLE* and our personal rights and freedoms as well as OUR POWER are necessary to keep commerce and government in place.

Unfettered capitalism (NAFTA of more recent years, and recently formulated CAFTA)
is just as bad as unfettered government.

THE people are those not in government, those not running commerce.

Of government: people who run government, in TRUST of THE people.

Of commerce: people who run business, by DEMAND of THE people.

"It will never survive with a corrupt foundation!!!" --Zero, MegaMan X6

If you have to ask what keep THE people in place (you need to get a job and read the law books): We follow the laws, we work in the commerce.

Is this a triad? Maybe.

EDIT: Freedoms and regulations in all the wrong ways...
Freedoms: Clinton supported NAFTA which is now acting as a machine to undermine mom and pop businesses; Clinton did nothing to stop congress from turning over the social security fund into a general fund which got spent--little was left by the time bush got in office. Ironic, the unfettered freedom of funds has robbed us of retirement on the government. HAH-I knew I couldn't count on that...Thanks Bill. Unfettered capitalism has taken the freedom of opportunity FROM innovative people looking to start their own business. I wish I could believe Obama, but it looks like many clinton cabinet members are returning. I wonder if Obama will eject those in his cabinet critical towards the clintons to get hillary on board?

Regulations in the wrong: The attrocious patriot act--many of our rights have/are/are continuing to be dissappearing. R.I.N.O.'s not preserving the governing structure. Look for something that got silently passed through congress 5/19/07 or thereabouts. Gee, thanks Dub'ya bushwhacker.
The new coming taxes on our earnings; Gross or net? Oh sure it's largely INTENDED for NET, but that hasn't been specified yet and also it depends...there are circumstances where it could apply in gross.
The 9/20/08 thing bush signed in for regulations that will be hard to undo once past the 21st... (Obama, hope you caught *that* one), how government regulations can DICTATE TO YOU what your time off is, what your benefits are...

Doesn't affect me because I'm in a mom and pop handyman business? It might if I have to find another job because there isn't enough $$$ to go around for our services!

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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