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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
Yes I do realize that you need only one graphics card. What were the two I accidentally wrote?
An HD 4870X2 and a GTX260 Core216.
Originally Posted by jmac7142 View Post
You should probably just get a pre-built system man. You can get an XPS 630 for $1199 with XP installed instead of Vista.
I was thinking more along the lines of something like this Dell Inspiron 530 for $449.00. Check out the specs: Q6600, 3GB. It'll be a fixer-upper, yes, but even as-is it's a way better deal than that XPS. It comes with integrated graphics , but it also has a graphics card slot and the integrated graphics can serve as a backup if your graphics card dies. Dell has a deal going on where they ship the computer with XP installed and supply you with the reinstallation disks for both XP and Vista (and quite possibly a COA for both, making a dual-boot setup possible for no extra cost), and they could probably be convinced to do that in this case, but it might involve some email tag or talking with a living sales rep on the phone. They may also be willing to switch out that Q6600 for an E8400 or even an E8500, either of which I think would better serve your needs, because for now a faster dual-core is better than a slower quad-core in games. It would also be wise to ask just how big of a video card that case can accommodate.

The computer I linked you to is a good start, but it will need some things like a monitor, speakers, a video card and a power supply that can handle the video card. We're not getting any of these items from Dell because their markup on them is nothing short of ridiculous.

To start off, you're going to need to do two things. First, go to Newegg and sign up for their newsletter. Doing so will let you use their promotional codes to get stuff like discounts and free shipping. Second, go to MS Live Search and sign up for their cash back program. Do these things now because I'm going to start throwing some deals at you. You'll be doing some of your shopping through Live Search to earn cash back. The links that I've provided below are for reference only. You'll want to purchase these items through Live Search's cash back program after you sign up for it.

Power Supply:
OCZ StealthXStream OCZ600SXS 600W, $27.99 after rebate with free shipping.
We'll start with the power supply because the deal that I found on it ends tomorrow (as in Wednesday, 11/26). It's not the very best PSU, but it will be more than adequate for your needs. Besides, it's 72% off. Be sure to follow the instructions on the rebate form to the letter so that you get your money. Go ahead and buy it and if you find out that for some reason you don't need it you can Fleabay it for a profit. People do it all the time; I do. I don't think that Live Search's cash back program will apply to this item because it's on sale, but it never hurts to try.

SVA 2400w 24" 1920x1200 LCD Monitor, $259.99, $246.99 after Live Search Cash Back.
I'm sure you've never heard of the brand, and it's very likely that neither has anyone else (it's actually Sylvania), and you're probably wondering why I'm recommending it. Well, it's because this monitor is the least expensive 24" 8-bit VA (as in PVA or MVA) panel that I know of, as opposed to the other 24" monitors in this price range that are all 6-bit TN panels. A 24" Dell monitor with this type of panel would be at least double the price. What's the difference between an 8-bit VA panel and a 6-bit TN? The VA has far better color representation and a much wider viewing angle so that the image doesn't wash out when you're looking at the monitor from any angle other than straight on. If this model had been available at this price when I was in the market for an LCD, I would have bought it instead of the crappy TN panel that I'm using now.

Video Card:
I'll have to get back to you on this one, because there are no outstanding deals that I can find ATM. My bet is on the Nvidia GTX260 because it's gone EOL (End Of Life) and is being replaced by the GTX260 Core216. The negligible difference in performance between the two is not worth the ~$100.00 price premium, IMO. I saw an EVGA model briefly at Newegg for $170.00 after rebate about a week ago, but Newegg pulled it in a matter of hours. With Black Friday coming up there's bound to be something soon, so you shouldn't have to spend any more than $200.00 for a good graphics card, and you're going to need a good graphics card with a large frame buffer to drive that monitor. I'll keep looking.

If all goes well you're going to have around $70.00 to spend on a decent set of speakers and you'll still be hovering at ~$1000.00 for total system cost. And you'll be set with a positively kickass computer.

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