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Originally Posted by bokkenblader56 View Post
Eh, true, but I'd rather it not be BF2 slapped together with new content. BF2 actually was slapped together; Pandemic rushed it out and left some gaping holes. It was different than BF1, but there were still so many game bugs that should have been worked out that weren't. I'm not hoping for something drastically different, I'm just looking for something that's well developed.
True dat. With SWBF2 you got new modes but lost some things from SWBF1 (Including the hit register). I miss prone the most (aside from the hit register of course). Now I have to look for places to crouch behind. The concussion grenades were nice to work with too.

I'd rather have a well developed game over a rushed out game. There are better engines to work with now... and some nice ideas to progress the Battlefront series... Especially as Rogue said with the Clone Wars series going.. there's some ideas for planets and battlefields and maybe some new heroes... Personally I'd like to see a good "Space Deathstar" map.

Games for PC's now feel like console games ported over to PC. I wouldn't mind coming across a game that was made specifically with the PC gamer in mind. I don't think SWBF3 will be it.

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