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Originally Posted by Scorch-1162 View Post
then we should totally send an email to them about this. that might get their attention.
You go send those e-mails, then. I doubt you'll get a response.

Originally Posted by LOTF
There are people from LA on here. Hundreds of people have signed a petitions for a KotOR3, I doubt they would listen to 3 or 4 RC fans...
We can't be sure if there's any LucasArts employees here, and i'm sure that they're not just watching people moan about sequels.

Online petitions don't work. They never have, and I doubt they will for a very long time. All they do is allow people to vent.

And you're right - 3 or 4 people won't make a difference.

Originally Posted by Theone Thewayne
Don't underestimate the amount of Republic Commando fans... And the the book series continue as Imperial Commando so there's a chance they'll make a sequel.
I severely doubt it. There's a reason why the game's content was licensed as a book series - because there's not much LucasArts wants to do with it. I can't say I blame them. For however many fans there are, the game didn't sell well enough for it to even warrant talk of a sequel.

That's why the books are there - to continue the story (in an albeit ham-fisted way).

Originally Posted by CommanderQ
RC2 will be awesome!
There's not going to be one, though.

ya they have a point what if they are just waiting for her to finish IC to make or release a RC@2?
They wouldn't be waiting for Traviss to finish anything - they don't work together. She writes stories based on the game, yes, but what she writes doesn't have any bearing on what LA could do if they even wanted to make a sequel.

It's exactly like George Lucas doesn't have to observe the canon of expanded universe elements if he makes a film, just like LA don't need to follow Traviss' stories if they make an RC2.
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