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Well, folks. I am an American Socialist. The American "dream" is just that - a dream. When 20% of the population controls about 80% of the total wealth of this country? ( This kind of wealth distribution hasn't been seen since the Gilded Age, and I frankly find it disgusting.

Americans now work more hours than the Japanese and what in hell are we getting out of it? Take inflation out of the equation, and the average American has seen the amount of hours they work increase while their salaries decrease (US Dept. of Labor). Fifteen percent of American workers have no insurance to help them when they get sick, and even if you do have insurance? Well, the profit margin rules all, and health care costs are the primary cause of bankruptcy in this nation.

If we, as workers, want anything but endless wage slavery and posterity with dimmer prospects, we're going to have to pry it out of their cold, stiff hands. Workers had to fight to get any kind of safety equipment on the job. Workers had to fight to get an eight-hour day or weekends. Women are STILL fighting for equal pay (Ledbetter v Goodyear).

I'd rather have a government I can kick out of office calling shots than a CEO I can't.

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