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I got it from today, and have put a few hours into it.
I love the art direction but the writing is not up to the standards lucasarts veterans are used to in adventure games. The game also forgets to take into consideration what you know and don't know at some points in the game. For instance (very minor spoiler: )
at the beginning of the game, Mona does not acknowledge that she has been turned into a vampire, yet if you ask her to put her hand in the fireplace, she will refuse because "burnt vampire flesh smells bad".
Also, the puzzles range from very clever to "aimlessly trying to combine everything until something works", and there are occational graphical glitches.

Still, it's a good adventure game with a really strong art direction that feels like it could have been made in 1997 - which is a good thing in the world of point-and-click adventure games. I think everyone with a passion for classic adventure games will easily be able to overlook the game's flaws and enjoy the best full-length adventure game in many, many years.
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