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Originally Posted by Bagge View Post
The game also forgets to take into consideration what you know and don't know at some points in the game.
This is quite a problem in a later section of the game. However, the example line you mention fits actually pretty well with Mona's mindset.
As you will learn, Mona is quite aware of being a vampire, she just likes to pretend she isn't and prefers not to think about it in general. So you can consider her line a slip of the tongue.

Originally Posted by Sven_Q45 View Post
Where´s the song idea item? Away? lol Don´t understand that.
I thought you already finished the game. If one doesn't collect the mentioned item early enough, one gets stuck permanently in the stadium location. At least that's how it worked on my system and I wanted to know if you had a similar experience.

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