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It has already been confirmed that Nihilus was a part of Exile that broke off at the destruction of Malachor V. She was the only one capable of putting Nihilus down and re-fusing with "it" to become whole again.
WT<expletive of choice>!!
woah! where was that? coz i totally missed it while playing k2 twice...
(but thats not saying much )

Exile and Nihilus are technically the most powerful beings to have ever stepped foot in the Star Wars Universe. They are both wounds in the Force, and are eventually capable of ending all life in the Galaxy, if not the Universe. After Exile defeats Nihilus and fuses with it again, she becomes pretty much the strongest single person in Star Wars history.

the game certainly didnt make her seem too powerful...

Again, you all are reading too much into video games. Draining the Force from someone is a select skill in the Kotor EU that cannot be taught, only learned once it is done to you. Kreia explicitly says so.
this explains kreia's blather when i drained zez kai ell. but what about the jk games? you've said that the nihilus drain was learned by it happening to you... in jk, the drain power was learned from a holocron, and so was absorption. jk drain, and usual kotor drain seems to me to be different types - scales - of drain if you will.
youve explained that the nihilus drain came from exile's actions at malachor... which is why there isnt another astronomically powerful nut running around later. as far as we know, it only happened once, in TSL.
yet revan can have the drain power in kotor 1, and i doubt he learnt it because the nihilus drain was used on him. because if that happened, revan would go splat. and i'm pretty sure drain was around before the mandalorian wars.

Force Drain was not taught at Trayus. It is the manipulation of a Force wound.
i got that impression because of a loading message in tsl that said something like " from trayus' teachings, traya learned betrayal, nihilus learned hunger and sion learned pain"
i must be wrong... ill have to go check it out.

It was a walking wound in the Force. A natural disaster. Its like saying "Revan could have soooo won against that Tornado!"

The reason he was so weak in K2 was because Exile was nearby. Nihilus is a broken off piece of Exile, so when it came close to her, it became much less powerful. And when he tried to drain Exile, it nearly killed itself as Nihilus technically just tried to drain itself.
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mfw I read the Revan novel

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