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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
Oh please... please please let this thread just die and stay dead forever.

It has already been confirmed that Nihilus was a part of Exile that broke off at the destruction of Malachor V. She was the only one capable of putting Nihilus down and re-fusing with "it" to become whole again.

It was a walking wound in the Force. A natural disaster. Its like saying "Revan could have soooo won against that Tornado!"

Special Effects for a video game. You are reading too deeply into the limited power of the game engine.

He has the ability to drain you even if you are simply on the same ship with him, so your point is invalid.

Who says? I don't recall the plot ever saying that Revan could in fact hold a ship together.


It cannot be blocked. It is said -explicitly- in the game -multiple- times.

Again, you all are reading too much into video games. Draining the Force from someone is a select skill in the Kotor EU that cannot be taught, only learned once it is done to you. Kreia explicitly says so.

The only way to block it is if you have nothing to take in the first place. The only reason that Exile survive is that Nihilus is part of her, and she has no connection to the Force for Nihilus to take.

George Lucas has never cared about the EU. He has repeatedly stated in interviews that he is ignorant of much that happens in the EU, thus why he only works on the prequels now.

Exile and Nihilus are technically the most powerful beings to have ever stepped foot in the Star Wars Universe. They are both wounds in the Force, and are eventually capable of ending all life in the Galaxy, if not the Universe. After Exile defeats Nihilus and fuses with it again, she becomes pretty much the strongest single person in Star Wars history.

Thus why TSL is an interesting story, but on the whole a story about a Mary Sue.

I would argue that Revan might have been the most powerful -human- in the Kotor era, if you disregard Exile and Nihilus as being technically human.

But Exile and Nihilus both could rip the Force out of Revan in a seconds time if given the option. They have their own tier of power above everything else.

What did you think she did? She learned how to Force Drain from Nihilus using it on her.

Thats how powerful that damn thing is. It isn't a Force power. It isn't a weapon. Its manipulation of a Force wound to literally rip the "soul", or Force out of a person. They do not join the Force in death, but instead add to the power of the one that killed them.

There is no blocking it. No getting around it. If it is aimed at you, you are going to die.

Wrong again.

Force Drain was not taught at Trayus. It is the manipulation of a Force wound.

Think of them as a walking black hole. A Black hole doesn't learn how to suck things in... it just does. Exile and Nihilus are black holes in the Force, so it is a skill that comes naturally to them. Once you use it on someone else, you've hurt their connection to the Force enough for them to use their scarred connection to the Force to rip the Force connections from other beings.

Its not so much a skill as it is an abomination natural disaster that can be focused and controlled. Kreia learned it from being drain, and the shadow troops learned it from Nihilus as he most likely wounded their own connection to the Force.

Again, it was a video game. Many of the powers in it are not Canon.

She used the Force Drain ability on them because she learned how to use it from Nihilus, because she at one time had her connection torn from her.

Most of the councel was there, along with a great deal of the remaining Jedi. They went there to gain the Sight, and when they got it they were killed by Nihilus. The only reason he went to Katarr was because there were vast amounts of Force sensitives on it.


It can use it up close as well. It used it on Sion and Exile when they were right in from of it. I'm sure it might be somewhat difficult to devour an entire planet, but it managed to do it within a few seconds from its ship. And with ever person it drains, it became more powerful.

The reason he was so weak in K2 was because Exile was nearby. Nihilus is a broken off piece of Exile, so when it came close to her, it became much less powerful. And when he tried to drain Exile, it nearly killed itself as Nihilus technically just tried to drain itself.

Wrong. You cannot cut yourself off from the Force without causing heavy damage to yourself.

Exile cut herself off from the Force, and it hurt her "soul" so badly that part of her broke off and turned into Nihilus, and she became a walking wound in the Force capable of destroying all life.

Also, how would Revan defeat Nihilus if he/she was cut off from the Force? Without the Force, Revan is just a human with a glowing stick.

C'mon people. We're talking about a thing that has the ability to rip the life from every man, woman, alien, animal, planet, etc on the entire planet. It killed -every- -living- -thing- to grow stronger. Just because you love Revan does not make him/her invincible.

No. There is no argument. Revan loses. Now please accept that please stop resurrecting this thread.
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