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I should've said this earlier. I simply wanted to get a list of specs and links to those specs so tht when I and the family are done with our other projects(home projects) we'll get onto this. For example we've been thinking about redoing the kitchen. And Thanksgiving is soon so there is that.

I was simply trying to get the info together so that we know what we want when we go to get a computer. I'm sorry I think I said this earlier, but maybe I didn't. Besides, it will be cheaper to have the links to the parts so they can be purchased. The tech fella can assemble it and there you go. Saves money. Besides, he charges us less in that he knows us. Heck times when he's had to come over he hasn't even charged us for the time he should in that he's nice.

The great thing is the family will have the computer they signed up for. You see they know this guy from Church that were he works they get in old computers that they wipe, refurbish, and give to those who need them. These computers are about 3yr old. So they get their computer, and I get mine. It's great in that they'll no longet have to bump me off the computer to do stuff. We'll have our own computers.

I apprecite this. I should've added that earlier. I think I did, but if I didn't, I am now.. Thanks.

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